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Talking religion and politics: There is a compelling need across the international community to collectively work forthrightly and with resolve to mitigate, if not arrest, the proliferation of well-financed jihadists and their rogue state sponsors that threaten civilized societies, Western liberties, and Judeo-Christian values.  Progressive, multicultural countries are breeding grounds for Islamists working to reduce them to dhimmi status and to make them part of an Islamic caliphate spanning the globe. Western countries are being targeted with a progressive set of Islamist objectives: the building up of a sizable, vocal and politically active minority group; the exploitation of fundamental domestic systems to consolidate a base of power; the assertion of human rights to gauge the durability of existing laws, and the manipulation of public sympathies.  Once fully realized, these objectives – at an opportune time – will be leveraged to manufacture homegrown intifadas with the revolutionary goal being insurrections and subversive ascensions to power within the host countries.