No matter how worthy

the cause

or how earnest the effort, a non-profit organization must equip itself with an upstanding image if it is to successfully contend for the public’s trust and support.


Roll-out of the Project Shofar brand: 1996

Building the mission’s image involved refining a character logo and designing a secondary logo; creating complementary organizational implements, including stationery, ministry calling cards, forms, and data cards; and developing marketing collateral consisting of brochures, speaker profiles, fliers and informational packets.  Using Biblical themes common to both Jews and Christians, I designed my complementing business implements to capture the essence of the mission and the yeshiva.

Executive image making involved coaching on communication skills, appraising speaker performances, critiquing speaker/media interchanges and developing promotional material to enhance public image.




Marketing Collateral: Brochure



Calling Cards

Facsimile sheet

Donor's receipt

Donor’s receipt

Data collection cards





Executive Profile – Rosh Yeshiva


Executive Profile – Executive Director

Executive Profile – Christian Branch President