Words are

powerful agents

for effective, responsible communications; as such, they demand writing and editing precision if the intended messages are to pass the tests of veracity and impact.


In the battlefield for ideas and influence, gatekeepers of information must be adept at navigating the strengths and the pitfalls of language.  The writer must keep readers involved in the story by presenting valid information in an authoritative manner to support each point, and by driving the message home with a convincing conclusion.  Solid news-gathering skills undergird every good story, and this involves researching the subject matter, gaining access to reliable sources, and asking questions that draw out meaningful responses.  A good story should better inform, convince, entertain, and/or spur the readers to action. 

The types of stories that I have written include, inter alia, hard, straight, and soft news; informative, analysis, human-interest, personal profiles, in-depth reports, features, advances, and sidebars.  Below are samples of my newspaper work.


News-Gazette – Crime News Reporter: City Hall and Police beats; also covered local elections, development, and public affairs; photography. Revised newspaper format to make it easier to navigate, which involved sectioning news based on types and locale, and creating easy-to-follow jumps. My introduction of dynamic, informally balanced, contrasting layouts, varying column widths and typefaces, and creatively placed art, boxes, borders, ruling, spot-color and white space enhanced newspaper’s visual appeal. I updated the masthead with double-ruling and spot color, and improved by-line and headline presentation, the latter involving the generation of bolder headlines and kickers.



News-Gazette - City Hall Beat - Water and Sewer - Straight

Water & Sewer



Local Elections

Planning Advisory Board & City Commission

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City Hall

Budgetary + Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer

Police – Informative










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Sun News – General Assignment Reporter – Beats: City Hall and Fire. Also covered Housing Authority, Chamber of Commerce, MainStreet DeLand Association, and breaking news; photography.


Soft news

Code Enforcement Board












Sun News - Advance-Feature



Planning Board

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Human Interest


News Feature