Emergency Management


a life skill that must be constantly honed in order to competently respond to eventualities in an increasingly uncertain world.

Good judgment and a sound corporate Emergency Management Plan enables a team to stay the course when natural and man-made emergencies and disasters strike.

General Contracting Companies are readily called upon within their spheres of operations whenever emergency situations unfold.  With multiplex obligations to employees, clients, other businesses, and the community during such times of testing, it was my job to prioritize and harmonize my company’s core duties in order to minimize damages, maximize recovery efforts, and return to normal operations as safely and quickly as possible.

Emergency Management Plan: addresses preparation, response, recovery of team members, company property, resources

I developed my Emergency Management Plan using proven Emergency Management Procedures to safeguard my employees, maintain corporate continuity, and protect company and client property during major events.  The plan follows Florida Division of Emergency Management guidelines.

I designed my Emergency Management forms to provide at-a-glance procedures and guidelines.  My forms included a Company Emergency Supply Guide, a Critical Company Contacts Form, an Emergency Procedures Checklist for the Management Team, an Emergency Telephone Communications Log Sheet, and other forms.

Damage Assessment Form: part of interrelated forms designed to work with Emergency Management Plan and field manuals

Emergency & Recovery Assignments Form