Drug-free Workplace

A Drug-Free Workplace

ensures the safety, health, and well-being of office and field employees, clients, subcontractors, vendors, temporary workers, and inspectors who come in contact with the company workplace, job sites, and property.

My carefully crafted Drug-Free Workplace Program is a product of principled leadership, thorough research, precision communications, thoughtful training, rigorous drug-screening, and earnest team effort, which gave rise to a Drug-Free Workforce Culture.

Substance Abuse impairs the ability of employees who are abusers to perform their duties properly; it compromises workplace safety; jeopardizes worker health; reduces productivity; increases absenteeism; upsets work flow, scheduling, and deadlines; dampens the team spirit; adversely affects the clients’ confidence in the company; reduces the company’s chances of being awarded contracts; and creates an overall negative public image of the company’s otherwise good reputation.

Substance Abuse Policy Manual: My manual complies with Florida National Institute on Drug Abuse guidelines.


I reinforced the policy provisions from my well-researched Substance Abuse Policy Manual with Supervisory and Employee Awareness Training Programs, which I developed and implemented using U.S. Department of Labor material.

My Drug-free Workplace forms reinforced my policy and programs, and brought clarity to the resulting provisions and procedures.  Some key areas my forms covered included substance testing, reasonable suspicion, searches, voluntary and referral-based participation in rehabilitation programs, Employee Assistance Program participation, grievances, and work authorizations.



Drug-free Workplace Acknowledgement Form: one of my 18 Drug-Free Workplace forms.

This is one of my Drug-free Workplace consent forms.











I secured the services of a Medical Review Officer and local and national laboratories to conduct 10-panel drug screens.  I tested in the following categories: Pre-employment, Reasonable Suspicion, Post-Accident, Fitness-for-Duty, Random, Follow-up, Other Pertinent Tests as appropriate and in accordance with state and federal laws.


My notices, memorandums, notifications and forms were to the point, and fully compliant with federal and state regulations and guidelines.